Appointment for Covid-19 test

In collaboration with we can now offer testing for SARS-CoV-2 with PCR test and antigen (Ag) test to ensure that you are healthy and not unknowingly carrying the virus. Many countries, travel companies, employers and organizers require you to present a medical certificate stating that you do not carry the coronavirus. In addition, the certificate must often not be more than 72 hours old at e.g. departure. It is extremely important that you check carefully what applies to your particular trip or event.

PCR test with certificate
Can ONLY be booked Monday to Thursday 08:00-17:00.
NOTE! Fridays, weekends and the day before holidays can not be booked!
Analyzed in an accredited laboratory, you will receive the test result and certificate the day after the sampling.
Price: 1800 kr

Antigen test with certificate
Can be booked every day.
Test answer within 15 min.
Price: 695 kr

We can arrange home visits for sampling, additional fee 350 kr per visit.

Do not forget to bring a valid passport if the certificate is for travel, otherwise a valid ID document will suffice.

To book an appointment, fill out the form and we will return to you during the day.
If you want to come as a group write a message in the end of the form.
We offer discounts for groups.